Early Warning System

The Local Early Warning System (LEWS) is to be used to report any concerns relating to specific batches of illegal drugs or any newer and currently unregulated compounds (i.e. NPS/Legal Highs).

This system will enable the reporting and collation of information in order for Doncaster to identify patterns of use; any batches of a substance that may be causing concern; toxic adulterants that may be causing harm or any unusually pure compounds that are increasing the potential for accidental overdose. Should reports be confirmed, through a process of verification by Doncaster, we will then be in a position to disseminate an alert to all relevant agencies and those signed up to the Local Early Warning System.

Should you encounter any type of these issues; then please report the incident immediately via the LEWS reporting form below. Please give as much detailed information as possible.

    Your details

    Name (required)

    Job title (required)

    Telephone number



    Warning title

    Local warningNational warning

    Please provide a full description of the incident - Whenever possible you should include:

    • What happened

    • The people involved

    • Nature of substance (name or street name, purity, description)

    • Extent to which substance is available (eg: widely on street)

    • Area the incident took place

    • Whether the incident been verified by other sources

    • Whether there is any clinical or laboratory evidence / confirmation

    Full description of incidents

    Who reported the incident?

    Service userDrug Treatment StaffPoliceEmergency serviceOther

    If other - please specify

    Do you know if the incident related to any of the following? Check all that apply

    DeathSerious Adverse ReactionHospitalisationUnusually low purity of drugUnusually high purity of drugContaminated drugs eg: AnthraxNew drugs eg: NPS/legal highother

    If other - please specify

    Date incident took place (Format : 01/01/2015)

    What happens next? Your warning will be saved to our system and sent for authorisation. Once the warning has been checked and verified it will be added to the LEWS feed.

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