Aspire’s annual visit to Harewood House

The Rosslyn House Coffee Lounge’s annual visit to Harewood House is fast becoming a local ‘Aspire’ tradition among its volunteers and peer mentors.

The group which included Sally Hickson-Clark, Coffee Lounge Manager, arrived at the country house and spent the day taking in the sights and sounds.

Raquel Anne, who was so inspired by the visit has written this blog.

She said: “We arrived at Harewood House and decided it would be more enjoyable to stick together. We strolled around the animal and bird enclosures. We then had a peaceful walk around the lake taking in the beautiful landscape scenery across the calm waters. This led to the Himalayan flower garden path, filled with exotic colours and foliage. A few of us dared to cross the stepping stones, which were raised four foot high, across the gentle stream – thankfully no one took a dip into the chilly waters.

“The local college student art exhibition which featured examples of the satanic, enlightening and creative imaginings got us all talking and sharing opinions about art.

“In the house itself we experienced the elegance, art and history of each room on the guided tour. The tour guide explained that none of the clocks were working due to the man who winds them up being on holiday. The house had lots of clocks and every time we passed one, the guide would apologise for the lack of sound. We had a good giggle about this on the way home.

“The stimulating, bright, exotic colours of the gardens and the rolling hills in the background gave us time to reflect. Being in a place with such beauty and style is only half of the experience each person had. We built strong bonds, had a laugh and left our daily struggles behind – even if it was for just one day.

“Above all, I believe days like this enhance a person’s confidence and communication skills. It shows what can be achieved when we really want it.”

Enjoying the gardens