Fundraise & donate

The support of individuals, organisations and charitable trusts makes a real difference to the lives of many people who are affected by substance misuse in Doncaster.

Aspire supports adults and families affected by drug and alcohol misuse and while our service is fully funded, there are occasions where we try and provide peer activities and events which are not funded through the normal way. We believe these make a difference to the recovery community and are always gratefully received .

These events range from our annual Recovery Games to Christmas parties without drugs and alcohol – where service users sometimes experience a Christmas dinner for the first time. We also organise events where families can participle and help to break down the often stigmatised world of addiction.

We have funded  computers in the past for service users to use as well as activities for families going on days out, we also use donations to support people that are unwaged to help them  back to work and get basic good to set them up in new accommodation. The smallest donation can make a big difference.

Want to raise money to support our services? It’s easy, just follow this link

Aspire staff at Recovery Games