A community based on shared geography

Having a safe and secure place to live is a fundamental human need. So feeling a part of
the geographic community we live is an important part of our ability to sustain recovery
and thrive.

The mix of people, experience, interests, skills and contacts within a community based on geography tends to be diverse. Within a geographically centred community there are likely to be people
with a variety of interests, jobs and experiences.

Being able to ask for help if the water goes off, or find out when the bins are collected are things which are of real relevance to someone settling into a new community, or taking responsibility for such things for the first time.

The previous two communities can support someone in joining this more loosely structured
and dynamic environment.

It may be that someone knows a neighbour or attends a local group or club. There may be local events and the person can ask someone from the recovery community or shared interest community to attend with them.