Doncaster clubbers urged to stay safe

A new health campaign has been launched in Doncaster to give advice and information to help keep clubbers safe on a night out.

The ‘Stay Safe’ campaign kicked off on Saturday 2 July when staff from Doncaster Public Health, Aspire Drug and Alcohol Service and Project 3 Young People’s Health and Wellbeing Service visited Doncaster Warehouse dance club to give accurate, non-judgemental information about drugs and raise awareness of the advice and support available locally.

Project 3 Team Leader Sally Brice said: “There’s a whole range of illicit drugs associated with the night club scene and only recently we’ve seen people in Doncaster hospitalised after taking ecstasy. These substances are often taken by teenagers and young people who may not be fully aware of the risks associated with them.

“Our approach is to go out there and talk to clubbers to give them the facts –  about the law, the dangers associated with taking too much, or mixing substances together and what to do if things go wrong – as well as where to get help to if they need support to stop taking drugs.”

Doncaster Public Health Improvement Coordinator Andy Maddison added: “This was a fantastic opportunity to engage with a group of people who might not usually come into contact with our services, and we had a positive reaction from everyone we spoke to.

“We’re also running a social media and poster campaign aimed at the night time economy, which is part of a wider campaign to target harms to the Doncaster population from drink and drugs and offer education and advice about the risks associated with this behaviour.”

Doncaster Public Health is now inviting all Doncaster clubbers to take part in an anonymous survey to understand their drug taking behaviour, in order to tailor local support services and keep those who choose to use drugs of any kind safe. The Stay Safe survey is available online at: 

Young people aged 18 and under who would like a confidential chat about drug or alcohol issues can ring Project 3 at 01302 640032, or email: [email protected]

People aged over 18 can ring Aspire on 01302 730956 or visit, which also has an online chat facility available.

Stay Safe poster