Everybody I know did the same thing

“A 51 year old male from a northern mining town, as was the culture in them parts started going out drinking at an early age maybe 15 to 16ish.

“Everybody I know did the same thing, the pub was the social centre everyone was there. This carried on till I was in my mid 20s. I would go out most nights get the odd hangover now and then but nothing more.

“As I got a bit older and started taking on more responsibility, starting a family, work that sort of thing. I started to get very anxious and depressed. I did not that talking about my feelings was a very male thing to do, so I bottles everything up inside and started drinking more and more to dull what I was feeling, at this point my drinking became a thing I did on my own and in secret.

“After a few years of hiding the extent of my drinking the cracks became to appear in my life. I lost my job and my family life was in a mess, I was referred to DDAS by my GP with the help of the staff there I started to get a bit more control of my life and was offered a detox at St Catherine’s.

“Unfortunately after a year or so I returned to my old drinking habits. I once again tried to hide the extent of my drinking and after losing yet another job I was at rock bottom.

“I contacted DDAS again and was soon offered a detox at New Beginnings. This has changed my life not only am I sober, it has changed the way I look at life and at myself, my outlook on things is very positive and I feel anything is possible.

“For me the key to my recovery is accepting the fact that I am an alcoholic and been open and honest about it without losing a love for life.

“It is still early in my recovery but I feel the future is bright, so I would like to thank everyone that has helped get this far and good luck to everyone on their journey.”