Goodbye Old Friend

Can I cope without you I really do not know!

The times we shared together, Can I let you go?

You’ve been with me through happy times, and also when I’m said.

I look over my shoulder and see you standing still.

My head is thinking, can I do it and then I think I will.

Saying Goodbye is hard to do,

But it’s not forever I’ll still see you.

It might be occasionally but that is for the best.

I need to spread my wings and leave your loving nest.

Well meet up now and then, and have a drink or two.

But then I’ll have to leave as I’m only having a few.

I’ll catch up with you and tell you the new life I’ve begum.

It’s interesting and helpful and once more I’m having fun.

Don’t worry I’m not leaving for good, will still keep in touch,

After all you were there when I needed you my faithful little crutch.