My Story

Hi my name is Jamie and this is my story about my recovery and some tips of how I’ve succeeded in overcoming my addiction to heroin.

I was a heroin user and had just started to use few times, but it got a hold on me very first, as it did for my wife too. It had a hold on us that bad that we both sold all our stuff, clothes, TVs, beds, trainers – the lot. Heroin had every last penny we had spent on it to. We also got into debt with dealers. You name it, we did it to get our fix.

Anyway two years later (they few by to be fair as we were ‘out of it’, plus all we thought about was our next fix. But on July 16 at 3.30pm my wife and me started to seek help.

I already had a brilliant keyworker call Jill and we got Stacey one too called Paul.  I was on methadone already, so eventually, Stacey’s keyworker got her onto it too.

So July 16 at 3.30pm was the last time we used heroin and started to write a diary, and sought proper help from Aspire.

Can I just say Aspire and the people who work there – the reception staff, acupuncture workers, Chris, Hazel, keyworkers Gill, Rose and Paul are so friendly, helpful and they have started to change mine and Stacey’s lives. We started off going every week to do drug tests, which give us a sense of achievement as we were doing clean drugs tests each week. When we did about three clean drug tests our keyworkers suggested acupuncture N/A, courses etc.  At first it sounded a bit overwhelming but because we wanted our recovery to work so bad, we gave it all a go.

Acupuncture is great, helps with our stress, cravings, sleep and just to chill out in everyday life. I would advise anyone to do it.

We also tried N/A but that wasn’t for us, not everything does work for everyone who does it. We did a course WAYZCHANGE which was great. Gill and Rose were ace.  Really helped Stace and me loads as well as acupuncture. We also went to the Recovery Games which was excellent. The things Aspire do for you and recovering addicts life me who want to turn their lives around and change for the better are amazing. They need more praise HONEST.  Aspire as got us on courses at Northern College, New Beginnings, days out, gym /swimming pass. THEY ARE GREAT, AS IS EVERYONE WHO WORKS THERE.

Stacey and me are wanting to become mentors and then recovery workers. We are going to turn a bad experience into a good one and going to help people overcome their addictions. Aspire is really an inspiration to both of us, especially our keyworkers. They have been very supportive and guided us in the right direction.  We haven’t used heroin in nine weeks. We feel great, our lives have changed, we see the kids, the lot. Me and Stace are living proof that anyone can change as a couple or if you are single. We’ve done it and are on the road to recovery. I would advise anyone who’s ready to change to GO TO ASPIRE. They are great! All you’ve got to remember is, you didn’t become an addict in one day, so don’t expect your recovery to be done in a day too. Take nice steady steps, write a diary and give yourself praise and see your own progress. Listen to your keyworkers and take their advice. Get a bond as I’ve done with Gill and Rose.

If we work together anyone can succeed and live a clean life and it’s ACE.  Thank you again Gill, Rose, Paul ,Chris, reception staff and to everyone else – you have helped me and my wife change our lives around for the better.  We can’t wait to become mentors and then keyworkers / Recovery workers.

Thanks Jamie and Stacey