Now my future looks bright once again as I rebuild my life

“My name is Graeme. I started drinking many years ago, but took it to the next level around 5 years ago.

“That cost me everything, my self-esteem, dignity, my job, business, marriage etc. A dental technician by trade and moving onto various jobs that provided me with a good living, travel etc. I lived in France for nearly 12 years, but now behind me and life moves on.

“I had to make changes for my self-worth and serious health problems and I couldn’t accept this addiction would beat me forever and send me down even further with no remorse and consideration for me.

“I found the change that I made, very difficult and hard work to say the least and to look towards a positive move forward and not to dwell on the past. A man that never made mistakes, never made anything!

“Now my future looks bright, once again, as I rebuild my life. With help of New Beginnings staff and service clients. Providing me with a structure that is vital in recovery. Giving me the opportunity to gain volunteer employment and help with my search for upgraded accommodation. My life is now more and more positive and I now look forward to my new life.”