Online drug and alcohol advice launched in Doncaster

A new Live Chat service has been launched to provide Doncaster people with easy access to drug and alcohol advice online.

The new initiative has been introduced by Aspire Drug and Alcohol Service, as a modern, interactive way to help people get support and information from its expert staff, and can be accessed on the Aspire website at

Aspire’s Single Point of Access Team Leader Helen Owen said: “We’re delighted to be introducing Live Chat as an additional way for people to make their first contact with our service.

“We already offer a drop-in service and telephone advice line, but in a digital age where people want instant advice online, Live Chat was the natural next

“We launched our new website earlier this year, which provides details of our Doncaster services, and links to useful information on other websites, so when people contact us via the Live Chat box in the bottom right hand corner of any page of our website, we can either signpost them to the most relevant accurate information they need, or provide advice on what their next steps should be – such as visiting us in person, or contacting their GP.”

Aspire’s Live Chat will initially be available for two hours every weekday, but this will gradually be increased to include evenings and weekends, which is good news for people who may find accessing services during normal office hours due to work or family commitments.

Helen added: “It takes great courage to seek help or advice for yourself or a loved one, so our aim is to make this service available out of hours so people won’t have to wait until we physically open our doors to know where to go next.

“If we’re not online, people can leave a message and their contact details and we’ll contact them as soon as we’re back online.

For a confidential chat about drug or alcohol issues please visit Aspire’s Live Chat at, alternatively people can ring (01302) 730956.