Education, training, employment and voluntary work

Employment, whether paid or unpaid, is an important component of recovery.

Not only does it enhance someone’s life, it has an impact on all those around them and contributes to the local and national economy.

We provide life skills and employment preparation support from the outset. At this stage we build further on the progress so far and focus on supporting people into employment, training or education.

Our internally delivered and accredited training acts as a bridge into local colleges and employment.
People may have been volunteers within the service as peer mentors and/or outside of the service through local voluntary organisations.

These experiences have significant value in the context of writing a CV or providing references for training and employment.

hands holding tinsWhile the ultimate aim is to support people into paid employment we stress the role of learning
and voluntary work in maintaining wellbeing. Such tangible and positive rewards for engaging
in such activities reinforce pro-social behaviour and continue to break down barriers in wider