Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For health information and advice please read the NHS pages on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our Aspire Town Centre bases are open. If you need drug and alcohol support call us on 01302 730956 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

If you have any queries about on-going treatment please call 01302 303900.

For our Trust’s information on Coronavirus, including Easy Read guides, click here

Five ways to wellbeing activities

The ‘five ways to wellbeing’ is a set of evidence-based actions that promote people’s wellbeing.

These run through all phases of the service and as the need for intensive specialist interventions begins to reduce the ‘five ways’ offers a framework for life-long wellbeing and recovery.

“My role is always interesting and
I am given the opportunity to be
creative with my practice.” Staff member’s quote