Family and friends are key in supporting someone’s recovery.

Empowering and supporting this network is a powerful tool in facilitating change and sustaining recovery.

Led by a qualified, registered psychotherapist, our family work comprises a range of interventions

  • A holistic family assessment – identifying the assets and support needs across the family network
  • Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training (CRAFT). An overall positive approach that focuses on a ‘concerned significant other’ and reduces drug and alcohol use, speeds a
    loved one into treatment and at the same time improves the life of the concerned significant other
  • Five-step Method (five-step intervention) is an evidence based structured, brief, psychosocial one-to-one intervention for adult family members in their own right. It is an empowering and non-directive intervention.
  • Behavioural Couples Therapy (BCT) is a structured evidence based approach. It aims to relieve stress, improve communication, manage feelings and change behaviour. It also helps to solve problems, promotes acceptance and revise perceptions.

    “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting on the old but building on the new. These sessions are helping me to this!” Behavioural Couples’ partner quote

  • Family Peer Support Group ‘Support 4 Change’ – supports family members in the development of positive friendships, family and community relationships and networks.

    “The group helps me to cope with the week ahead and has made me stronger as a person.” ‘Support 4 Change’ family and friends support group member.

  • Family Moving on Together (FMOT) supports children and young people aged 8-17
    who are experiencing the effects of parental substance misuse within the family. The programme offers a ‘whole family approach’, working with parents and children. The eight session programme reduces the harmful impact that parental drug and alcohol use and addiction has on family life.

“I can now be the mum they deserve and I want to be.” Service user’s quote

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